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"I've Used many Transfer(s) from different suppliers and these truly are the best I have used."

— Andrew S.


"Transfers Are Vibrant and the Hot Peel saves me so much time! Love These Transfers."

— Shelby S.

Feel So Soft

"I Can't believe how these transfers feel and look - So Impressed - Will Order more for sure!"

Love at First Press

"I don't like them......I LOVE THEM!!! Will be ordering more Soon."

— Raule M.

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How Do We Compare?

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The Process

Easy as Build, Print, Press

The Process of Direct to Film Transfers is easy - Click the steps for a description of each step

What Sets Us Apart

Our DTF (Direct To Film) is industry leading. With bright vibrant whites and the deepest blacks our transfers are sure to impress. Not to mention the stunning bright colors that our transfers have. They are sure to impress!

Customized Shirt on heat press with a brightly colored DTF Logo

Why Our Transfers Stand Out

The Brightest Whites

We only use the highest quality Mimaki inks in our printers. This ensures a consistent bright white. Every image printed has a white underbase to really ensure that colors pop on dark garments.

True Commercial Printer

We Print on Mimaki Printers. These printers are known for there high quality and craftsmanship. And because we use True Mimaki Inks your transfer colors will be the same today and when you reorder.

Extreme Quality Control

Each order is checked and printed to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality transfer available. We even go so far as to print and press random samples throughout the day to ensure that the printer is performing as expected. We also operate in a climate controlled space maintaining a precise temperature and humidity level. All of this goes into ensuring your transfers are the best around.

Customer Service

The pride of our operation is top notch customer service. Weather that is helping you through the the builder or application we are here for you!

TRUE Hot Peel

Our Transfers are TRUE hot peel. Unlike others that advertise as hot peel but really mean warm peel, our will truly hot peel saving you time on those large production runs.

Applying Our Transfers

Shirt with a bright ink question mark printed on front, ai image

Tell Me More!

You Have question and we have answers !

Why Use DTF?

DTF provides a vibrant full color image that is ready to be applied to almost any fabric. No setup charges is needed, unlike in screen printing. For low quantities, DTF is very cost effective and is not limited by colors.

What is DTF?

Direct To Film (DTF) is a printing method in which artwork is ink-printed onto film and an adhesive powder is added to the back of the image. The film, artwork and adhesive powder are ran through a dryer to cure. The artwork is a sheet that you can easily apply to a garment with a heat press.

What can DTF be applied to?

DTF is extremely versatile. It can be applied to a wide range of fabrics including 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Cotton Poly Blends, Tri Blends, Canvas and so much more!

How do I apply the transfer?

The DTF transfer should be applied at 280-290 degrees Fahrenheit, with medium pressure for 15 seconds. Our film is hot or cold peel. Once peeled, we recommend a quick 3-5 second additional press. In some cases, it maybe necessary to pre press your garment to flatten and release any moisture from the garment. We always recommend testing the transfers on new fabric before completing a full production run. Check out this video here.

What file type should my artwork be?

We recommend PNG if possible. You can also use Jpeg, jpg, gif, and SVG. Whatever file type you decide to use, it is VERY IMPORTANT that the resolution be at least 300 DPI. Anything lower than this will cause a blurry image.

Why is my artwork blurry when I upload it?

Check to make sure that your artwork is at least 300 DPI in the size that you are looking to print. For example - if you are looking to have a 10" wide shirt back printed then you will need to size your original artwork to that size and save it with a resolution of at lease 300 DPI in that size.

Can Timberline apply the transfers?

Yes! We have been doing this for years and would love to help you out. Reach out to us directly on the contact us page and we will be more than happy to see how we can help.